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I am planning to roll my almost-10-year old student loans into my almost-10-year-old bankruptcy by having a motion made to the courts to do so. How much will this cost me (ballpark)? Is it cheaper (and/or better) to go with a trustee for this or a lawyer. Is there anyone you can recommend, given that […]

I have old student loans from 1996. I did take some courses part-time a few years ago, which I also owe money for. Is it true that I can’t discharge student loan debts now because of this? In general I have a high amount of credit card debt, although I have made all my payments […]

I went backrupt 9 years ago, and my student loans are 9 years old. When the 10 year mark arrives, is there any way that I can roll my student loans into the old bankruptcy? (I heard that I can do this from someone). If so, do I do it through a trustee or a […]

I owe student loans as well as a credit card debt that I know of. I was bringing in a very low income began missing payments. That was in 2002 after so long and many collection letters from more than one co. I got overwhelmed. About a year ago I began repaying on two of […]

Can I get student loans in canada If I be a bankrupt ?

I filed bankruptcy last December. I did have student loan which was less than 10 years. Until December, I was only able to make payments to student loan not the credit card companies. Since I filed bankruptcy, student loan payments stopped and I started making income surplus instead. I recently found out that these payments […]

I have an 1980 old student loan from Ontario and I have not paid it back. I have been having problems with long term employment because I live in a seasonal tourist area. Moving is not an option due to family. Can I go and declare bankruptcy?

my daughter has been out of school for over 10 years and can’t pay her student loan and since has seperated from her husband , owes money to the bank, and has 2 children. she was working and paying her loan which a collection agency has,then got pregnant with her second child,went on maternity leave […]

My student loans will be 10 years old this year but filed bankruptcy in 2005. Can I back date my student loans into the bankrupsty.

A couple were married. A couple both worked until the wife decided that she did not want to continue in the line of work that she was doing, so she went to school. Student loan/loans were obtained. Couple separates after wife obtains job (thanks to new career training). Husband is now being sued for the […]

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