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Debt Consolidation: Answers to Questions

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Consumer proposal or debt consolidation

I owe a total of 70k including my car loan. I was advised to leave the car loan alone. Hence, apply for CP or DC for the rest. Since my mother is the primary owner of the account and I am just a signee of our RBC Credit line worth 36k, How would I be […]

My debt in the states is in collections

I have an outstanding credit card debt in the U.S. I am a Canadian Citizen who is already in a consumer proposal. I tried to settle with the creditor but was given the run around, now the debt is in collections in the states. Are they able to get a judgement against me in Canada? […]

Credit Card Debt

I have credit card debt maxed out and another credit card getting up there.  I have just lost my job and have no money coming in right now until my unemployment starts what can I do? Posted from: Nova Scotia

Consolidate Debt

Is it possible to consolidate debt with a proposal and taxes with my car loan as well….I’m looking for help! Posted from: Ontario


I owe almost 50 k from credit card , personal loan and line of credit. I am a month behind on my bills. With that so,I assumed my credit score went down . Do you think there are still company that would help me consolidate my debt? I take home 6000 a month with one […]

letter from credit card’s lawyer

recently I got a letter from a lawyer who represent for the credit card and told me I should pay off all amount otherwise will take me in court , I have been paying the visa but because I was behind before the visa said to me its not in our hand you have to […]

Debt consolidation

A homeowner with a 300000 mortgage has 17000 in credit card debt and wants to clear it…what would be the best way to proceed? The house is currently valued at approx…375000. Posted from: Ontario


I owe about 25000 in credit cards. Also a line of creit of about 18000. I am making my monthly payments but the interest keeps on adding up. I am not sure that I would qualify for a loan as my credit is high even though I am making the payments. What would be my […]

no income and $20,000 unsecured debt

Hello, I am a married woman with two kids. Due to a family reason I had to quit my full time job and move back to my home country. My husband is on EI and currently getting $1800 a month. I am living of my parents house in India and they are taking care of […]

What To Do?

My husband and I purchased a business in October of last year. We were able to borrow against our home for the majority of the cost but the remainder was charged to credit cards and a line of credit. Other debt that we have is a car loan (purchased prior to the opportunity of our […]

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