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I got a call from a collection agency

I am a low-income senior (67) living on a CPP / OAS presently disabled from hip surgery. I got a call from a collection agency regarding an outstanding credit card debt from about 6 or 7 years ago. They threatened to place a lien on my home. I own the home with my brother. It […]

Can I keep my business credit card?

I owe $35,000 in unsecured debt, I had started a business in the entertainment Industry, I front loaded the business in the amount of $100,000 and also had to pay a $55,000 Levy, my wife and I have been making minimum payments and have not missed a monthly payment but have been late 3- times. […]

Canadian Credit Card Used Abroad – Returning Home?

In 2007 I moved to Europe and used my credit card limit of around 80 K to establish a business. I continued to pay the minimum payment for 1 year but after that the business did not go well and I stopped the payments. Now I want to return to Canada. How do I know […]

I need my credit card bills to go away

I was left with 2000 credit card bills, house damage worth 20000 and car repairs worth 5000. I am on a temp employment and took money from my rrsp to survive. I need my credit card bills to go away, I’m making min payment and I’m drowning Posted from: Manitoba


I have been in a poor financial state for a couple of years, and fear that I am in over my head. I am scared to declare bankruptcy, however, am not sure that I have an option. I am not sure whether bankruptcy or perhaps a consumer proposal would be beneficial for me, as I […]

R7 and work

will getting an R7 prevent me from getting work? Posted from: Ontario

Credit counselling

I am 45 000 in unsecured debt and i can’t pay my monthly interest. I was thinking about bankruptcy, but leaning toward credit counseling. What would you recommend I do? Posted from: Ontario

Need Help!

My mother in law is a senior and is in debt by $ 11,000 a month but just does not see the end of her debt! Under credit counselling would she have to give up her credit card if she goes through this! And if so would it not be as wise to go to […]


Is there a “time limit” or “time line” during the course of a Bankruptcy, in which the bankrupt must complete the two counselling sessions as required under the Act, or is it a matter of completing the two sessions at some point throughout the bankruptcy proceedings prior to bringing an application for a discharge. Posted […]

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