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Bankruptcy New Brunswick

If you are a resident of New Brunswick and are considering personal bankruptcy, we recommend contacting our Licensed Insolvency Trustees in New Brunswick.

We offer advice to assist you in understanding the possible options to deal with your financial problems including bankruptcy, proposals, re-structuring and other possible solutions that best suit your needs.

We are committed to giving you individualized attention in a caring and understanding manner. We are here to help you during this difficult and stressful period and help you find solutions that work best for you.

Follow these easy instructions to get help:

1. Look at the list below, or use the search box to find the city, or location, nearest you
2. Call the phone number to book a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation
3. You’ll be put in touch with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee who will explain all options to help you
4. Your meeting will initially take place on the phone or online
Fredericton1-506-306-2828Allan Marshall & Associates Inc.
Moncton1-506-300-3049Allan Marshall & Associates Inc.
Riverview1-506-306-2717Allan Marshall & Associates Inc.
Saint John1-506-799-4055Allan Marshall & Associates Inc.
Woodstock1-506-306-2808Allan Marshall & Associates Inc.

Feel free to contact any of the professionals above. A bankruptcy New Brunswick professional will call you, in confidence, to answer your questions, or if you prefer you may ask them a question via email.

Finally, if you would like to remain anonymous, feel free to post anonymous bankruptcy questions to our personal bankruptcy Canada blog, which is read daily by our New Brunswick bankruptcy professionals.