Bankruptcy in BC

Benefits of Bankruptcy/Consumer Proposal in British Columbia

If you’re facing serious debt issues and are wondering whether you should file for a bankruptcy or consumer proposal in British Columbia (or anywhere in Canada for that matter), it’s best to seek expert guidance from a licensed insolvency trustee. They can guide you in the right direction after evaluating your unique situation and recommending the course of action that’s best suited for resolving your debt issue. 

That said, it’s important to note that filing a bankruptcy in BC may be a good idea in some cases. Here are some advantages of filing for a bankruptcy instead of a consumer proposal in British Columbia or anywhere else in Canada: 

Advantages of Declaring Bankruptcy in BC:

  1. While bankruptcy is by no means an easy solution, it does provide closure by giving you the opportunity to make a fresh start financially. Depending on your situation, you can be discharged of almost all unsecured debts some of which include credit card balances, medical bills, unsecured personal loans and lines of credit, arrears of income taxes, and overdue insurance premiums.
  2. You will be allowed to keep property if it’s exempt from bankruptcy. 
  3. Relief from debt collectors is one of the biggest advantages of filing for bankruptcy. Once the ‘automatic stay’ is in effect, creditors cannot call, sue, or harass you to recover their debts. While no one looks forward to declaring a bankruptcy, it allows you peace of mind.

While bankruptcy offers some advantages, it may not be the best solution for everyone. Depending on your situation, you can also consider filing a consumer proposal in British Columbia, after seeking guidance from a bankruptcy trustee in BC. It has a less severe impact on the credit rating and allows you to keep more of your assets.

Although personal bankruptcy in Canada is governed by federal legislation called the Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act, what you get to keep if you go bankrupt in British Columbia, for example, is governed by provincial legislation. The rules are complicated, and that’s why before you decide to file bankruptcy in British Columbia, you should consult a knowledgeable expert on bankruptcy British Columbia law.

We have compiled a list of Licensed Insolvency Trustees licensed by the federal government in British Columbia, that are also members of the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP). This means they are subject to the highest ethical standards.

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Abbotsford1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc.
Abbotsford BC
Armstrong1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Armstrong BC
Burnaby1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc
501-3292 Production Way, Burnaby BC
Campbell River1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Campbell River BC
Castlegar1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Castlegar BC
Chilliwack1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc.
Chilliwack BC
Colwood1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Colwood BC
Comox1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Comox BC
Coquitlam1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc
Coquitlam BC
Courtenay1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Courtenay BC
Cranbrook1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Cranbrook BC
Cumberland1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Cumberland BC
Dawson Creek1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Dawson Creek BC
Delta1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc.
Delta BC
Duncan1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Duncan BC
East Kootenays1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
East Kootenays BC
Esquimalt1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Esquimalt BC
Fernie1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Fernie BC
Fort Nelson1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Fort Nelson BC
Fort St. John1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Fort St. John BC
Gulf Islands1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Gulf Islands BC
Haida Gwaii1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Haida Gwaii BC
Hope1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Hope BC
Kamloops1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
500 Victoria Street, Kamloops BC
Kelowna1-866-369-6331Bromwich & Smith Inc.
1631 Dickson Avenue, Suite 1100, Kelowna BC
Kimberley1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Kimberley BC
Ladner1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc.
Ladner BC
Ladysmith1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Ladysmith BC
Lake Cowichan1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Lake Cowichan BC
Langford1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Langford BC
Langley1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc
305-9440 202nd St, Langley BC
Lytton1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Lytton BC
Maple Ridge1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc.
Maple Ridge BC
Merritt1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Merritt BC
Metchosin1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Metchosin BC
Mission1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc.
Mission BC
Nanaimo1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
1100 Princess Royal Avenue, Nanaimo BC
Nelson1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Nelson BC
New Westminster1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc.
New Westminster BC
Oak Bay1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Oak Bay BC
Osoyoos1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Osoyoos BC
Parksville1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Parksville BC
Pemberton1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Pemberton BC
Penticton1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Penticton BC
Pitt Meadows1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc.
Pitt Meadows BC
Port Alberni1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Port Alberni BC
Port Coquitlam1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc.
Port Coquitlam BC
Port Hardy1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Port Hardy BC
Port Moody1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc.
Port Moody BC
Powell River1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Powell River BC
Prince George1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Prince George BC
Prince Rupert1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Prince Rupert BC
Qualicum1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Qualicum BC
Quesnel1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Quesnel BC
Revelstoke1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Revelstoke BC
Richmond1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc.
Richmond BC
Saanich1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Saanich BC
Salmon Arm1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Salmon Arm BC
Shawnigan Lake1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Shawnigan Lake BC
Sooke1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Sooke BC
Sparwood1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Sparwood BC
Squamish1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc
37897 2nd Avenue, Squamish BC
Surrey1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc
200-7404 King George Blvd, Surrey BC
Terrace1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Terrace BC
Tofino1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Tofino BC
Trail1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Trail BC
Tsawwassen1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc.
Tsawwassen BC
Ucluelet1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Ucluelet BC
Vancouver (North)1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc
305-221 Esplanade West, Vancouver BC
Vancouver1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc
700-355 Burrard Street, Vancouver BC
Vernon1-866-369-6331Bromwich & Smith Inc.
4201 32 St, Vernon BC
Victoria1-250-984-8345Bromwich & Smith Inc.
1321 Blanshard Street, Victoria BC
Whistler1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc.
Whistler BC
White Rock1-778-800-6420Smythe Insolvency Inc.
White Rock BC
Williams Lake1-855-912-8995Bromwich & Smith Inc.
Williams Lake BC

For your next step, you can:

  • Contact any of the professionals above and arrange for a free initial consultation.
  • Email your personal questions to a British Columbia Licensed Insolvency Trustee near you, who will respond to your questions in confidence.