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Getting student loans during bankruptcy

I am considering going the bankruptcy route due to debt accumulated from a divorce and a layoff from my job. I went back to school, but I am struggling financially. I have two questions. First, can I file for bankruptcy to zero all my other debt, but still keep the student loans I already have? […]

Defaulted student loans: what will happen if they are sent to court?

I have federal and Nova Scotia student loans in default. I am self-employed in my area of study. I filed for bankruptcy in 2013 to cover an enormous amount of student related debt on a Professional Student line of credit and credit cards but was only out of school for two years so student loans […]

OSAP loans?

Your website talks about Canada Student loans. Does this include OSAP loans? CIBC is telling me it doesn’t because it is Provincial.

Do I get my tax refund or will it go to my student loan?

Hi There, I am on a second proposal which was started in Dec of 2014. Prior to that I was on a proposal from Sept 2010. Both proposals included my student loan however it survived the first one, but will not survive the second as I have been out of school for more then 7 […]

Do I file for bankruptcy if I’m living abroad?

My last date of study was in June of 2006. I had been making full payments for years after my repayment began, despite not earning any income. It was only suggested to me (after my funds had depleted)that I could do repayment assistance etc. In 2009 I moved abroad and was not elligible for the […]

Returning to debt after living abroad since 2007

Hello, I graduated in June 2006 and in May 2007 I left Canada to move abroad. I have been abroad ever since. I do recall, in late 2007, I tried to re-extend my 6 months interest-free period, but i found out that I have to be a resident in Canada to do so, and I […]

Student Loan not included in bankruptcy?

I filed for bankruptcy 8 years after I finished university. I completed a master’s program within those 8 years but it was paid for in cash. When I initially finished my undergrad I didn’t find work right away and took advantage of the repayment assistance program (through OSAP) for my student loan. I am told […]

Student Loans – How I inquire about them without getting them after me again?

I received osap for college in 1994(?) and did not graduate in 96 as I gave birth. Since then I haven’t paid anything. I am currently on ODSP for Crohn’s disease and am a volunteer community advocate. I’m wondering if these loans ever ‘go away’; how I inquire about them without getting them after me […]

Help with student loans

I graduated from university in April 2013 and was told that my 12 month payment free period would be over in November. I tried arguing many times that I graduated in April and not November as their records indicated and was told to apply for the repayment assistance program, but that they wouldn’t change the […]

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