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Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

l claimed bankruptcy, and was discharged in dec. of 2006. it’s been over seven years now since that date. in those seven years, i have not used credit of any kind. will my credit be restored now that presumably there isn’t any record on file, or do i have to rebuild my credit somehow, ie. […]

Credit question

Hello I have aprox 20K in debt from loans and Credit cards from over 7-8 years ago. Do I need to declare bankruptcy still or does the record clear after so many years? thank you Posted from: Ontario


I filed for bankruptcy in 2006 – I was discharged in 2007… my question is in respect to credit bureaus.. does the bankruptcy come off of my credit report from the date of the discharge or the date of the bankruptcy. Posted from: British Columbia


If a person declares bankruptcy and has zero balance on an unsecured credit card can they keep that credit card? Posted from: Alberta

Credit Card Application After Consumer Proposal

I had to file a consumer proposal earlier this year, and want to start rebuilding my credit as soon as possible. Can you help me with the best way to go about getting a credit card so that I can start to rebuild? Thanks!! Posted from: Saskatchewan

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