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RESP and my ex’s bankruptcy

My common law partner and I separated. He declared bankruptcy, leaving me with large debts. To restore my credit scores and buy a house for our children, I used our RESP. I withdrew it easily as only one signature was required. I found a bank that would give me a loan to pay off our […]


I am currently in bankruptcy, as is my ex-spouse. We currently do not have a separation agreement. I’m wondering how equalisation is impacted by bankruptcy? It appears I will be discharged in 9 months and him in 21 months. We were allowed to keep our small home (I’m residing in the home and would like […]

Bankruptcy with Ex: Will she lose her home if I file?

Hello, there – my wife and I separated about five months ago. We have a separation agreement that outlines clearly what I am to pay her. I make three times her income, so she relies on me for alimony and child support. I also am entangled in a civil matter, which is turning out to […]

Bankruptcy during divorce

My ex and I have been separated for four years now, and I have exhausted all options of money available to me. We have no separation agreement even after multiple times to court. She keeps looking for money and assets that do not exist. I have no savings, minimal RRSP’s, and minimal assets in my […]

We both filed for bankruptcy, now my wife wants a separation

We just rented a place and moved to another province. We both filed for bankruptcy, and now my wife wants a separation and to move out. Our budget was very tight and we have no money extra. Our budget is worked out with both of us and our two kids. Once she moves out, I […]

Would he have to liquidate his assets?

We have been separated 5 1/2 years the matrimonial home and line of credit is in both names, we do not have a separation agreement my husband says he may claim bankruptcy to pay off his debit (credit cards) these cards are in his name only. He has assets money in an RRSP and collector […]

What would happen to the house if the mortgage is not paid?

Common-law relationship of 5 years and the relationship has ended. There is a mortgage in both names with no equity and there is a truck loan of 13,000.00 in only one of the names (spouse-1). One of the common-law spouses (spouse-2) refuses to get a lawyer, sign any kind of agreement or sell the property. […]

Will I be forced to sell my property if my ex files for bankruptcy?

I am separated for 2 years now, almost divorced (waiting to go before judge). When we separated the apartment that was on both our names got changed in the title office to my name and I took over the whole mortgage. When we separated we also got a separation agreement, where we stated who will […]

Is the cost of my divorce trial affected by filing bankruptcy?

My former spouse was awarded custody following trial. I was ordered to pay costs and child support. I am paying child support but was forced to declare bankruptcy. This resulted in the cost order being redundant. Now I have been served papers to return to court for the judge to determine what portion of the […]

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