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Waiting for Trustee’s Discharge

After a person gets automatically discharged why do we have to wait for the Trustee to be discharged? I was discharged 2.5 years ago, and the Trustee office says they are waiting to be discharged. Also, in the meantime, the creditors could still take money from accounts. Is this normal?

Trustee’s requests after the final payment

My son made his final payment and received an acknowledgement for that. Looking at your site, it would seem to be the end of the conversation. But along with the acknowledgement came a couple more requests which the trustee says is because of recent legislation “not related to your case.” These requests are regarding assets […]

Discharged from bankruptcy and came into inheritance

I’ve been discharged from my bankruptcy as of 2009 during which my father passed away and there was potential inheritance. However, the estate finalized in October of 2015. I am aware that my creditors are entitled to any ‘property’ I obtain from the inheritance. Due to the length of period interest has been applied to […]

Co-signer’s debt after bankruptcy

I have co-signed a rental unit for a friend who broke his lease without my knowledge. I had declared bankruptcy at the time this happened, and now the landlord is after me and my assets. It been ten years now and he will not let this go. Since I was under bankruptcy protection, would this […]

Is money from a boarder considered income?

I recently filed for bankruptcy in Alberta. I want to take in a student as a boarder in my home. He will pay for food and utilities and a small fee for the room. Is money from a resident considered income and do I need to include this in my monthly reports? Will this affect […]

Disability Tax Credit

How long after discharge from bankruptcy before the disability tax credit can not be taken by the trustees?

Will I receive my money back from revenue Canada?

I filed bankruptcy in 2003. 90% of my debt was to Revenue Canada. Shortly after filling I lost my job and my husband left me with three kids under 5 with no support. I could Not afford to pay for the bankruptcy so I still have Not been discharged. I have since paid back revenue […]

No record of the discharge on the credit report

Having been discharged and given the Certificate of discharge and supporting legal documents, what happens next? Four months after my release I requested a credit report from the TransUnion offices in Burlington ON and there was no record of the discharge. Is my Trustee negligent? Posted from: Ontario

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