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Most Recent Anonymous Questions & Answers

  • Should I Switch Banks before I file Bankruptcy?
    I recently read that it is advised that you close your present bank account and obtain a new account (with a bank you have never dealt with) before you actually declare bankruptcy.  I have no credit cards or a bad history with my present bank. Is this step really necessary?
  • What Information can a bank can retain on your consumer proposal?
    Our consumer proposal was discharged in 2015 and expunged from both our credit bureaus in 2018. We were able to secure a mortgage this summer (from a credit union), but during the inquiry to do so, found that a bank that we currently deal with (chequing and savings accounts) has an “internal note” about our […]
  • Soon to Be Ex Headed towards Bankruptcy – How will it affect me?
    Gambling, online shopping, dating, gaming… I could go on. He’s spending thousands he does not have. How will this affect equalization and funds held in trust from sale of matrimonial home? We are in year 3 of separation, nothing happening, several court dates. How do I protect myself & any monies owed to me in […]
  • Can Health Canada Freeze My Bank Account
    Hi, I was stopped at the airport by Health Canada and I refuse their hotel and the test pcr, I took one just before my flight to Canada, so they gave me fines 5000.00 per day =15000.00 + 5000.00 for the pcr test + 5000.00 because I removed my mask 2 minutes to make a […]
  • Can I file for bankruptcy while on Long Term Disability?
    I am on disability. A couple of months ago I received a letter from Long Term Disability (LTD) to pay them back around $ 50,000.00. I am not able to pay this amount. I asked many different financial institutions to get a loan. But my request was declined everywhere because I can’t work anymore. Can […]
  • Considering bankruptcy: minimum debt amount and income calculation
    Looking to claim bankruptcy. However, I am now unemployed with no income coming in. My spouse is supporting the household. Is his income considered my income if I file? The debt is all my own, none of it is joint with my spouse. However, the amount is less than ten thousand – is there a […]
  • What happens to money received after a bankruptcy or consumer proposal?
    If I were to file for bankruptcy, or a consumer proposal, in Quebec, and after a year or two I won a substantial amount of money, what would happen to these funds in a court case? Can I receive it without anyone being able to touch it? The money would be paid to me from […]
  • Power of Attorney and financial liability
    I have Power of Attorney for a relative who recently entered a rehab facility for some years due to severe addiction. There are bank debts and credit card debt. Is it acceptable to negotiate with these debtors to pay a percentage of the debt rather than the full amount? With whom in the TD bank […]
  • Income property and Consumer Proposal
    I have a question regarding a rental property and appliances inside it. If I were to file a consumer proposal and let the bank take back, my income property am I entitled to remove the machines before giving the property back? We are just curious because we’ve replaced almost everything in the last year and […]
  • Bankruptcy on mortgage with an ex spouse.
    My ex. left me three years ago, and I have been paying the mortgage on my own, and he won’t resign the mortgage. I can’t pay the mortgage as it is a high-interest rollover and if I go bankrupt am I liable for any debt if he sold the house or goes bankrupt himself. We […]