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Tuition paid after I filed for bankruptcy

If I filed for bankruptcy in 2019 and I lost any tuition carryforward due to bankruptcy. Am I still able to claim my tuition I paid in 2020 if I have not been discharged ? Or I do I lose it like I did the 2019 amounts?

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Crystal Buhler
Crystal Buhler | CPA, CGA, CIRP said...

The tuition paid in 2020 should be claimed on your 2020 tax return, as normal. Even though you are undischarged, you – not your Trustee – will be responsible for filing the 2020 tax return, and any refund or balance owed should be disclosed to your Trustee via your monthly income and expense reports. The Trustee is only responsible to file the return for the year of bankruptcy, and the one immediately preceeding, if it wasn’t filed.