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Owing money to canada revenue agency

If I owe money to the Canada Revenue Agency, and I, have done my income tax for last year, and I now get a refund. I have always gotten quite a bit of money back each year, and this year is quite a bit less. Would the amount that I already owe, already have been […]

Can the creditors seize my monthly pension?

Being a 75-year-old senior and having a 312,000 secured debt and 109,000 unsecured credit cards, I have sold all assets to pay the secured debt. Having 109,000 unsecured debt I have decided to do nothing and take a wait and see approach. Can the creditors seize my monthly pension? I ask because that’s all I […]

Line of credit and collection calls

I failed to make payments on a line of credit. I am now getting calls from a collection service. They want to settle on a lump sum but won’t take payments. It is at $11000 now. What do I do?

Lien against your property

If you are willing to pay something towards the amount o/s each month can a bank still put a lien against your home even if the line of credit you have is unsecured?

What happens if I get married during my bankruptcy?

What happens if I get married during my bankruptcy? if I marry my boyfriend during my bankruptcy do we have to include both incomes? He will still have his bills and I will have my bills. Everything is still going to be separated.

Statute of limitations – debt at least 8 to 10 years old

I have old debt that is at least 8 to 10 years old. I’ve been contacted for the first time in at least five years or more (in which a letter was sent to my old address but I never responded as they didn’t have a number but only an address and I lost the […]

Limitation period for contract debt

Hi. I’m just wondering what the current limitation period for contract debt is in Alberta? I’ve been told it’s 2 years as well as 6 years by two different sources. Perhaps it has changed recently so I was hoping for some clarification. Thanks in advance. Posted from: Alberta

Letter from a Collection Agency says I owe over $1000

I got a phone call and a letter from a Collection Agency about an Old PC Financial bank account I had stopped using maybe back in 2005-2007, not really sure, they cannot give me details, but its over 1000.00 and I have no clue what its about, does the statue of limitations pertain to this? […]

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