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Bankruptcy Nova Scotia

The decision about whether or not to go bankrupt is a difficult one for most people. For most people it’s only when their debts are becoming overwhelming do they start to consider bankruptcy as a way to deal with their debts. Before you consider personal bankruptcy, we suggest you to meet with one of Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Nova Scotia, the experts on the law regulating bankruptcy in Nova Scotia: they will help you explore all your options, including consumer proposal – one of the leading alternatives to bankruptcy.

Each of the professionals from the following list (all licensed by federal government) will be happy to provide you with a free initial consultation and to answer your questions regarding bankruptcy in Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia bankruptcy law.

Follow these easy instructions to get help:

1. Look at the list below, or use the search box to find the city, or location, nearest you
2. Call the phone number to book a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation
3. You’ll be put in touch with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee who will explain all options to help you
4. Your meeting will initially take place on the phone or online
Sydney1-902-914-3357Bromwich+Smith Inc.
Glace Bay1-902-914-3357Bromwich+Smith Inc.
North Sydney1-902-914-3357Bromwich+Smith Inc.
Sydney Mines1-902-914-3357Bromwich+Smith Inc.
New Waterford1-902-914-3357Bromwich+Smith Inc.
Bridgewater1-902-710-2049Allan Marshall & Associates Inc.
Dartmouth1-902-710-3044Allan Marshall & Associates Inc.
Halifax1-902-701-9551Allan Marshall & Associates Inc.
Sackville1-902-700-5358Allan Marshall & Associates Inc.
Truro1-902-700-5358Allan Marshall & Associates Inc.
Kentville1-902-700-5358Allan Marshall & Associates Inc.

When you contact the above Nova Scotia Licensed Insolvency Trustees, you will receive a prompt, confidential call from a bankruptcy Nova Scotia professional, in answer to your questions. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can post a bankruptcy question anonymously to our Bankruptcy Canada Blog. Our experts check the blog regularly for the new questions.