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Bankruptcy Canada’s team includes Licensed Insolvency Trustee’s and Consumer Proposal Administrators from all across Canada who work together to provide you with the most up-to-date, comprehensive, expert information on Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals in Canada.

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Dealing with Money Problems? Bankruptcy Canada is here to Help!

When dealing with money problems, you need accurate, up-to-date information and advice that is relevant under Canadian laws. At Bankruptcy Canada, our contributors are some of the most experienced Licensed Insolvency Trustees and consumer proposal administrators in Canada. They are licensed by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada, and help people every day in making the right decisions to manage their debt.

Bankruptcy Canada Offers Experienced Individualized Advice and Resources

If you have questions, you’ve come to the right place! Bankruptcy Canada offers expert, personalized advice and resources that allow you to ask the questions you want and to make the right decisions to handle your unique situation. Whether you are looking for a better way to handle your existing financial obligations, considering a consumer proposal, or on your way to rebuilding your life after a bankruptcy, we have the experts and resources to guide you each step of the way. Best of all, we have hundreds of contributing members that are just like you. Browse through our anonymous question and answer forums, utilize our debt repayment calculator to assess your own situation, and when you are ready, contact a local trustee for a free consultation.

Bankruptcy Canada is not a Bankruptcy Firm

We are not a Bankruptcy Firm. Instead, we’ve chosen the best, and most experienced local and national Insolvency firms in the country to work together with you. We help you understand all of your options confidentially, and help you make the right decisions that best solve your debt problems so you can save for a secure and comfortable future!

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