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Fixing Household Finances – The Thirty Day Challenge

For those who haven’t read any of my articles before, my name is Barton Goth. I am an Edmonton bankruptcy trustee with Goth & Company Inc. and a regular contributor to this Trustee Talks article forum. Now this article is significantly different than the typical ones I post, but it is an issue that I […]

Trustee Talk #103 – Doug Stuive Discussing Debt Issues Affecting Canadians

Lets get started with a formal introduction. You can give me your full name, your business name and your website address? My name is Doug Skive, I’m a Bankruptcy Trustee and Senior Vice President at MNP Limited. Okay Doug and how many years have you been a Bankruptcy Trustee? I received my designation in 1998. […]

Trustee Talk #101 – Barton & Desmond Discussing Debt Issues Affecting Albertans

Thank you for your time this afternoon gentleman, now let’s get started. All right, my name is Barton Goth. The name of the firm is Goth and Company. We operate out of Edmonton and Northern Alberta. And right next to me is Desmond, Desmond why don’t you introduce yourself. Hi, Desmond West-Chow. All other information is […]

In Canada, High Debt is the “New Normal”

Today my firm, released a Harris/Decima survey of over 1,000 Canadians, asking about their attitudes towards debt.  We discovered that even though we have a lot of debt, we do not appear to be concerned about it, and I find that frightening. Statistics Canada tells us that the average adult in Canada is carrying debt […]

Cambridge Life Solutions Reviewed by Maclean’s

If you are in financial difficulty and are considering using a debt settlement company to deal with your debts, then you really should pick-up a copy of the March 26, 2012 Maclean’s Magazine.  On page 39 you will find an article titled Growing (debt) pains: Cambridge Life Solutions offers a lifeline to indebted Canadians—using a […]

Credit Education Week Canada 2011

Credit Education Week in Canada runs from November 14 to November 18 this year, and is designed to teach Canadians about the proper use of credit. We’ve reported on it before, in our articles on, Credit Education Week 2010 – The Language of Money, and Credit Education Week in Canada 2010 – Some Final Thoughts. […]

Supreme Court Decision – Will it Lead to Changes in Bankruptcy Law in Canada

On July 14, 2011 the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision in the case of Schreyer v. Schreyer. Why are we discussing a Supreme Court of Canada decision in a blog about bankruptcy in Canada? Because this case confirms a long held principle of bankruptcy law, but it also forces us to consider whether […]

Gift Cards are Worthless if the Store is Bankrupt

Gift cards are a nice, convenient gift, but what happens if the store declares bankruptcy in Canada? The answer: you’ve got a problem. Last week Global TV News ran a story about the bankruptcy of Tabi, a large women’s clothing retailer with 78 stores across Canada. All stores are being liquidated, and the liquidator is […]

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