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When you experience money problems, it can be tough to think straight. You have a natural visceral emotional response. Your private and public lives become “tainted” by fears over “how you will fulfill your financial responsibilities.” With 33 years of dealing with financial challenges, the Bankruptcy Dartmouth Trustees feel your pain. We offer the support you need.

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Understand your Financial Position. As you dig yourself deeper into your debt hole, you are hit with added late payment fees, harassing phone calls and the loss of access to new loans. Our team of has a wide range of experience to handle any and every problem you may face. We can help you immediately to stop the bleeding.

We will sit down with you and discuss your situation. How did you get to be “heavily in debt?” What is your income? What are your financial responsibilities? What would you like to accomplish with debt consolidation services?

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Our professionals have the CIRP, CAIRP and BA designations demonstrating our academic credentials. We are not a fly-by-night firm that will be gone when you most need us.

Credit is Very Complicated. After we get a good understanding of your present financial condition, we will help educate you on your options. We are fixable. The debt management or Licensed Insolvency Trustees must fit your needs. We will weigh all your options.

Credit can be very complicated. The “common sense” approach might not work in financial circles. We will discuss your best alternatives under the law. Remember that bankruptcy was created to benefit the debtors. With Licensed Insolvency Trustees Dartmouth, you can get your financial house back in order.