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Are bill collectors knocking down your door to pay them back? Have you been hit with some misfortune or have poor money management skills? Have you entered into financial difficulty and do not know how you can make your past-due or future payments? Are you considering filing for bankruptcy? When you do not have the money to pay your debts, you must contact the experienced professionals at Bankruptcy Canada for assistance and advice. They can explain your options and help you formulate a plan of action to get out of debt fast.


There is a way out. With a free and confidential consultation, we will discuss your personal circumstances by answering your questions while laying out a plan to help you get out of debt. By collaborating with the Licensed Insolvency Trustees Edmonton South, we can find a solution that fits your needs and situation and help you implement it as best as possible so you can get out of debt today. Bankruptcy should only be taken as a last resort as there are many options we can help you with before engaging in that process.

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More than 100,000 Canadians filed for personal bankruptcy or a consumer proposal in 2018, a slight increase from the previous year. Statistics indicate that debt is beginning to pile up faster than economic growth. Canadians are now much more vulnerable to financial troubles than ever before.

Our team of trusted Bankruptcy Edmonton South Trustees are here to help you. The red tape behind financial difficulties and not knowing where to turn for help can be extremely overwhelming. However, bankruptcy in Edmonton may not be the best solution to your financial problems. Luckily, there may be one or many ways out of financial debt. There is still hope for you to get back on track.

At Goth & Company Ltd., we are bankruptcy professionals who have assisted thousands of individuals with stopping the debt cycle immediately. With more Canadians entering debt than ever before, we realize the strenuous nature of the financial crisis and are committed to helping you start over.

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