Soon to Be Ex Headed towards Bankruptcy – How will it affect me?

August 27th, 2021 by Anonymous

Gambling, online shopping, dating, gaming… I could go on. He’s spending thousands he does not have. How will this affect equalization and funds held in trust from sale of matrimonial home? We are in year 3 of separation, nothing happening, several court dates. How do I protect myself & any monies owed to me in equalization ?


One Response to “Soon to Be Ex Headed towards Bankruptcy – How will it affect me?”

Barton Goth

, Barton Goth, CIRP, BA, MBA, Licensed Insolvency Trustee said:

Unfortunately when you are dealing with both a bankruptcy and any matrimonial/divorce proceedings there are a great deal of factors that have to be examined. Far too many for me to be able to provide a reasonable response. From my perspective there is very little you can do to protect yourself at this point as what will happen will be based on the way items were owned and the nature of the divorce proceedings to date and your actions now will have very little impact on things moving forward. But if you are looking for more specific information on how to protect yourself that is a question that you should review with an lawyer who practices in the area of insolvency (not a Licensed Insolvency Trustee), as they would be in a better position to review both the insolvency side of things and the divorce proceedings to date and give you more direct advice.

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