Can I apply for credit counselling for credit card debt?

October 8th, 2014 by Questions

Can you still apply for Credit Counselling if you have been served papers for credit card debt? A judgement has not been filed yet – still have 15 days.

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, Desmond West-Chow, CIRP said:

here is nothing that may limit you from starting credit counselling if you’ve been served in regards to credit card debt. The key item to remember, however, is that the credit counselling process will not stop the claims in court and may still result in a judgement (potentially leading to garnishment of wages or seizing of assets and accounts). When speaking with individuals about their debt and how they may go about resolving it, one area I always emphasize is to look for what the credit counselling services are guaranteeing in terms of results. Most people may be surprised at what is or is not written into those agreements. In some provinces, Alberta included, you may wish to speak to Money Mentors about the Orderly Payment of Debt program, which is the only credit counselling service I know of which offers legal protection. If you’re nervous about the legal action from the credit card company, I would suggest speaking to a trustee in bankruptcy and consumer proposal administrator, as the protection from those legal proceedings offered can be virtually immediate.

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