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Credit Counselling

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i have a loan with citi financial, and the interest is allot, i was wondering if i would be able to Negotiate a pay out to them, or should i let it go into collection or wnat to do, and does citi financial Negotiate loan payment Posted from: Ontario

I know my debts surpass my salary Big Time. I make my payments to all my lines and One major 25,000.00 card 1.99% which will be due for high interest in Feb 09……with all my other debts I cannot survive. Can I keep my house and car and start over??? My credit rating is very […]

I have attempted to negotiate payment reduction with Capital One Mastercard and did not get enywhere with them. Is it possible to reduce monthly payments? Posted from: Quebec

Is using the Credit Counselling Society the same as filing a proposal? I joined with them about 10 months ago, and am starting to have difficulties wth my payments. My common-law husband is not supportive, I was late last month and this month. I owe about $50,000, and am paying $700.00 per month. One of […]

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