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Credit Counselling

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hello my question is this one. im from argentina but im living in canada as a citizen but i have problems with my credit card for about a year now a Collection Agency is taking me to court but i have no job in canada my only income is from my office in argentina but […]

I owe about 55,000$ on my line of credit and roughly 25,000$ in credit cards and loans- excluding student loans and mortgage. Just to be up to date with these payments I would need a lump sum of about 7,500$ which I do not have as I already went through all my savings to try […]


October 17th, 2011 by Questions

We have to give back the motorhome to the bank. We have paid over $80,000 to the bank and still ower $130,000. If they seize it and sell it for $75,000 do we still have to pay the remaining loan out and who dictates hiow high the payments are. Can they take our home and […]

Is credit counselling a last resport if your bank refuses to help consolidate debts? or can it be accessed at anytime? I have old debts that have gone to credit bureau. I have asked credit bureau if I pay off these old debts through my bank will it help or hinder my credit rating? her […]

I need to talk to someone in regards to my credit cards. My husband has bailed me out many times and I keep on doing this. it is a sickness for me and i realize,now Im loosing my husband over this.I need help,its just like being an alcoholic,but is me spending on nothing and now […]

Just a clarification. I understand the “for profit” guys. How do not for profit companies / counselling agencies get paid or survive? Posted from: Ontario

I am currently right on the verge of a consumer proposal and have consulted with a couple of organizations regarding this. I have particularly been speaking with an organization called XXXXXXXXX consulting, and about to sign a contract with them. What experiences have you heard about these services, more specifically, this organization. Other than the […]

I have recently within the last year been doing credit councelling with all my credit cards but 1 that would’t join the program, I have not been able to come to an agreement on the re-payment schedual so now they have demanded full balance in 21 days or they will force the sale of my […]

When/ why would you choose credit counselling vs. consumer proposal? Thanks, Posted from: British Columbia

I recently returned to work after a year off maternity leave and our credit card debit is more then we can handle to pay back. I think credit card debit is around $25000. What should we do? We are struggling to make payments and it just keeps getting higher with interest thanks. Posted from: Ontario

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