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Using a Debt Counsellor

I am currently right on the verge of a consumer proposal and have consulted with a couple of organizations regarding this. I have particularly been speaking with an organization called XXXXXXXXX consulting, and about to sign a contract with them. What experiences have you heard about these services, more specifically, this organization. Other than the costs involved, is it a good idea to use them? Thanks.

Posted from: British Columbia

One Response to “Using a Debt Counsellor”

A licensed trustee said...

If you scan through similar questions you will see I am dead set against these companies. I XXXed out the name you posted because this website actually rates higher than theirs – if I left the name and you did a search you’d find this posting before you found their site (and then I’d likely get sued…).

At the end of the day you have to decide whether or not paying these people a fee makes sense to you. Basically, you pay them a fee to tell you to go and see a trustee in bankurptcy to file a consumer proposal. If you do a google search or check the yellow pages in your area you will find the names of all of the local trustees. If you give one of them a call you can save yourself whatever fee XXXXXX consulting was going to charge you… It’s your money…