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I just came across a question and answer that baffled me! While reading through the site, I came across this line, \”Some unsecured debts are also not discharged in a bankruptcy, such as student loans less than 10 years after you stopped going to school.\” Then the question I found was from a student, \”I […]

I am considering personal bankruptcy and have student loans less than 10 years old. Would I be expected to make student loan payments during the bankruptcy? If so, how would this affect the surplus income calculation?

Are student loans eligible to be included in a consumer proposal?

I live in Ontario Canada and I am drowning in student loan debt I owe on both my student loans and being low income I have been unable to pay them., they are alomost ten years old and what I want to know is once they are can I bankrupt them cause I am scared […]

I have gone bankrupt over my provincial student loan but my federal student loan had not been 10years old yet. I have been contacted by a collection agency. Can they garnishee my wages?

About 10 months ago, I paid off a Canada Student Loan with money from a line of credit. I then requested the bank change the line to a 5 year installment loan so I could have lower payments and a fixed interest rate. They did this for me, and closed the line of credit as […]

First of all thank-you, this site has really helped me. Heres my situation, I finished school in May of 1999, I currently owe 45,000 and i have decided that the best solution for me is to declear bankrupcy after my 10 years are up. Currently I\’m unemloyeed and i\’m in the process of having service […]

I’m pretty sure the answer to this question is no, but my situation is so darned complicated, I was hoping a big of clarification would help. My entire loan, provincial and federal, (about 25,000) was given over to the Canada Revenue Agency, who have made a much better effort than the NSLC of hounding me […]

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