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Money Problems in Canada

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HI there, I am 30 tunring 31 and just finished my 3rd year of my business admin degree. I am now taking one course along with making 2400$/month after taxes working full time. I have two old cars that need lots of work done. I have two credit cards that are maxed and at 20% […]

I purchased a condo for $279,000 in 2009 with a mortgage insured thru CHMC. Due to significant problems in the construction of these condos my condo fees have more than doubled and my property is now worth $125,000!!!! I am struggling with the idea that I am just throwing good money after bad and struggling […]

Can revenue Canada seize my income tax return if my house for foreclosed by Canada mortgage and housing. Posted from: Nova Scotia

I went bankrupt September 2013 and have now just separated February 2014. I am making $175.00 payments per month to my trustee based on both our incomes, but now my income will only be $1,300.00, with 2 children, food and bills, this payment is at very bottom of my list, what happens if and most […]

This is a follow up to my question earlier today regarding BC Safer and whether it would be exempt from seizure. I did email a trustee in my area as well and here is her reply: “I do not know of any reason why either your CPP or BC Safer income would be considered as […]

credit collector is threatening to have my wages garnisheed, i understand it isnt possible over unsecured credit, is this correct Posted from: British Columbia

I haven’t been a salary employee for years, hence i haven’t done my taxes for years. I’m scared, in debt but desperately want to solve all this and potentially get retraining to start over. With no official t4 slips to work with I’m not sure where to start! Posted from: Ontario

If I own a home joint with someone, can collections agencies sell off my home to repay my loans? Posted from: Ontario

Excellent site thank you :). Hopefully you can steer me in the right direction. I Gross $5500/m (clear $3500/m). Wife income is $0. Our house worth $270K, current mortgage $220K (in both our names). Mortgage payment and taxes is $1150 per month. Mortgage now up for renewal. No other assets. We have $75K in credit […]

My spouse and I have a joint bank account we have historically used to deposit our paycheques and pay bills. The only debt to this bank is a line of credit that is well secured against the house that is in my wife’s names. Due to some business difficulties, I will likely have to go […]

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