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Money Problems in Canada

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i owe approx 80 000 in credit lines and credit card debt. i have no assets no house. i cashed approx 55 000 from rrsp. last two years i made approx 52 0000/year. i lost most of that money on online gambling. i make myself sick. i stopped gambling. what is my next step? what […]

my wife and i had our home foreclosed on back in 2001. The sale price less commission was less than the outstanding mortgage by about $5000. It was a CMHC insured mortgage. This, among other things led to personal bankruptcy in 2003. We were discharged in 2004. The trustee filed our income returns for the […]

My husband has a mastercard that only he applied for the credit on. After he got the card, sometime later, he got me a supplementary card. I have hardly used the card, maybe 3 times. I want to be removed from this card and not be responsible for any of the debt, but the credit […]

My husband and I are in the middle of a consumer proposal.My question is why when I checked our credit history its comming up as a bankruptcy?Another question is we have 3 more years left on the proposal.If we pay it out in lets say 1.5yrs will they come after us for more money,or will […]

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