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Surplus income in bankruptcy

I am a Canadian citizen and live in Ontario. I married a Chinese lady in China in April2007, she is still in China. I make monthly take home pay about $3000CAD, if I file bankruptcy, when trustee or court calculates my surplus income, will they base on one person (myself) or two persons(family)?

Surplus Income Question

The directive from Superintendant of Bankruptcy with regards to excess income over $1000 per month states the trustee shall take at least 50% but not more than 75% of that range. My question is it sounds like it is up to the individual trustee to make that judgement? Why would it not say must take […]

Payments while in bankruptcy

How are the calculations of your payments done while you are in bankruptcy? I see a lot of posts regarding “surplus” income. What if I don’t have any “surplus”. My family’s living expenses are only just barely covered by my income and I am not making any payments on my debts or interest. The only […]

Cost to go Bankruptcy

I live in Ontario Canada and I am drowning in student loan debt I owe on both my student loans and being low income I have been unable to pay them., they are alomost ten years old and what I want to know is once they are can I bankrupt them cause I am scared […]

surplus income payments

I am a creditor who opposed a discharge. The bankrupt has been paying for over a year. When do I get my money?

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