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What I Keep or Lose in Bankruptcy in Canada

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December 13th, 2007 by Questions

Other debt aside, I have a loan for my car which I need for work. I have under $5000 in equity and my payments are up to date so far. Will I lose my car? It does not matter to me if I lose this particular car, It`s just that I absolutely need a car […]

I`ve recently had to drop out of school due to debt and issues regarding finance… Those issues compounded themselves recently and I am now forced to consider bankruptcy. My question is will I get to keep my photographic equipment so that I may pursue a career in the future, or will those equipments be foreclosed […]

Do I lose my child tax credit from the government of ontario if I claim bankruptcy? Frankly–it is buying the groceries.

My home has no mortgage on it it is owned outright. I have come into some severe financial difficulties. If i declare bankruptcy will i lose my house?


November 3rd, 2007 by Questions

if a person bought a car with a visa and went bankrupt after would they have to give up that car


October 30th, 2007 by Questions

Has the law allowing people to people to keep their rrsp`s been passed yet and if so, does b.c. fall under the same law? I know that locked in employer paid rrsp`d were, but now I`m asking about personal rrsp`s… Thank you.

I work for a Canadian Bank as a Financial Services Representative, I am a signer on two loans my husband has outstanding. If he files Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy, will I lose my banking job? Will I lose all the money in my bank account?

I Have been a resident of Manitoba for 6 years. However, I recently had a judgement filed against me by Alberta Justice regarding a traffic accident which occurred in 2000. If I declare bankruptcy, will this judgement be dismissed? Right now, I am seasonly employed. I have had several surgeries in the past few years, […]

Can I keep my RRSP`s if I declare personal bankruptcy (in Ontario)? Thank you in advance for your reply.

I own a business in BC. (LTD.Corporation) Can the creditors seize my business goods, bank account? Can they seize my personal car which worth about $5000? Look forward to hearing from you.

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