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What I Keep or Lose in Bankruptcy in Canada

Most Recent ‘What I Keep or Lose in Bankruptcy in Canada’ Posts

I just recently filed for bankruptcy. How long do I have to wait until I can legally purchase and own a vehicle, before or after my discharge?

I have a consolidation loan, in which personal items are used as security collateral. If I go backrupt, what will happen in that situation? Will I lose the items even though I don’t have some of the items anymore. Thank you in advance for your time.

I bought furniture for my house in November 2006 charging 3200 dollars to a store credit card\’s deferred payment plan. I paid the taxes and the delivery charge (about 550 dollars). The problem is that I may have to declare bankruptcy soon. The reason for the bankruptcy is my unemployment since February 2007. Will the […]

I was discharged from bankruptcy in Jan. 2006. in Ontario I understand that my pre and post income tax refunds were kept for the year 2005. When I file my income tax for 2006 will I be able to keep this refund?

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