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Debt Settlement

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Hi, I currently have a mortgage of 375K and my house is worth 430K. I owe 50K in unsecured loans and credit card debt. Am I eligible for a consumer proposal? My currently income is 100K. I don’t want to go into bankruptcy. or is it better to talk to each creditor and ask for […]

If I file bankruptcy does it mean I am acknowledging the list of my creditors and debt owed? What if I do not agree to one creditor’s claim and want to fight this creditor. Should I exclude or include their amount claim, since it was the largest debt I have against me and prompted my […]

In entering a debt management plan with a credit counsellor, can RRSP’s / GIC’s and chequing/savings accounts be taken by the creditors? Also, if there is a joint chequing account, can this be seized without asking or does the creditor have to ask the individuals listed on the account? Posted from: Ontario

I lost my job and at 58 i’m finding it hard to find another. my wife has a very good job. between the 2 of us we have acombined credit card debt of approx. 77,000.00. Do we qualify for debt settlement? PS: we have never missed a cc payment but are now barely able to […]

Can a credit card company refuse to be part of the debt settlement by refusing to take what is offered? Posted from: Ontario

I owe $26,000 on the 407 toll route which I have not used in over a year ,does going bankrupt erase this debt so I can get a valid plate sticker for my car Posted from: Ontario

I have outstanding debt overseas. Can an overseas creditor come into Canada and take legal action against me – i.e. garnish my wages, take away my home? Posted from: Alberta

i have been with a debt settlement company for 7 month and with help i was able to put in extra money i have enough to settle both credit cards i dont feel like this company is working very fast for me they havent even contacted my creditors yet should i ask for my money […]

If you do not pay the creditors in the initial period wouldnt you get taken to a collection agency thus ruining your credit score in the future? Posted from: Alberta

we have been with a sliverthorn law for debt and they dont seemd to be doing anything for my husband, we now have a lien on our home and he has a garnishee ,i thought they were to work on our behalves can you please help , he also has recently lost his job on […]

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