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Debt Settlement

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I owe a lawyer in SK approx 17,000 for collecting child support issues. The entire case has been so absurd. The lawyer stated to me she has never come across a `father who will stop at nothing!! to avoid paying for his children`. The father this time went to an extreme and tried to get […]

I am a 54 yr.old widow of 16 yrs.. I live on a widows pension from the federal superannuation group, as well as a small CPP pension from my husband. The total of both is $1357. mos. total. I have been unemployed now for 1.5 yrs. I am paying several contract bills per month, that […]

A new director is he/she liable for a company`s old liabilities ? for taxes /employee wages Posted from: British Columbia

Hello, my husband lost his job last october. This january he started work again. We are having a hard time keeping up with all our bills to say the least. We have three children under the age of 5, so we have had to make decisions conerning which bills need to be paid. One bill […]

Would you qualify if you have recently had a contract end – and have not yet secured new employment – may have to go to EI Posted from: Ontario

I am paying off a student loan and down to three more payments and it is paid up all my loans will have been paid this year. I negotiated the first one with a lump sum payment, then the current one I did the same and should be done about Dec 2008. Will this improve […]

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