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What I Keep or Lose in Bankruptcy in Canada

Most Recent ‘What I Keep or Lose in Bankruptcy in Canada’ Posts

I am a single mother who graduated with a psych degree in 2011 / social services diploma 2007; I have had to go on assistance 2013 – the father of my child owed 45,000 but is unable to pay due to disability : my house was recently foreclosed in June- just got a letter that […]

My question is of I were to claim bankruptcy can I not include my credit card. Posted from: British Columbia

I have set up bank accounts for my under age children and I go bankrupt can they get the children’s money or is it secure thanks Posted from: Ontario

In a bankrupt how much money can I keep in my bank account without it being seized? I’m talking about a secondary bank where I have no debts. Posted from: Alberta

How do I find out what exemptions I may qualify for with a small farm? What determines farm status? Posted from: Alberta

If I have a car and my parents co sign and I claim bankruptcy do they still take car? Posted from: Ontario

I have a cottage in Quebec and recently had an oil spill that affected my neighbors property. So far I have spent over $ 25000. which I borrowed on my wife’s line of credit on her house in Ottawa, Ontario. The job is not complete and will require another 30 to 40 M to complete […]

Is the income from an LIF considered as income or as an asset in bankruptcy? Posted from: Alberta

If planning to go Bankrupt is it ok to refinance a house before doing so without taking out extra money, just a straight transfer of mortgage from one bank to another? Posted from: Nova Scotia

I have significant past debt that is primarily in 3 properties, all in my name, that currently are in a negative equity state. (Debt is 450K in mortgage/secured credit line debt: current equity is is 340K). In addition, I have another 50K in unsecured debt. Late last year, I purchased a rental property jointly with […]

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