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Will filing bankruptcy affect student loan eligibility?

I am a single mother who graduated with a psych degree in 2011 / social services diploma 2007; I have had to go on assistance 2013 – the father of my child owed 45,000 but is unable to pay due to disability : my house was recently foreclosed in June- just got a letter that says I owe over 4,000 in re payments due to the fact that my ex provided funds to complete house repairs – which I was to pay home back upon sale of house. The extra money was spent strictly on repairs and to my shock the house was foreclosed and sold far below market evaluation – I received notice that I am to pay back the funds given by my ex for renovations to my shock as well as demands for immediate payment of over 17,000 for student loans; I have been working in spurts as an ESL teacher and with autistic kids . My last employer -‘kids matter’ refused to give me my last pay check in June 2013 due to the fact that my vehicle was unreliable and I couldn’t afford to upgrade. This episode ended up costing me several 100 dollars for doing work which I was never paid . My dad pass in April 2024 ; my mother is now sick in hospital and I feel bankruptcy in the only option. We are staying in my mothers basement and now cannot afford to pay her rent. I had wanted to try for a masters in psych : but as it have no funds and jobs I pursue pay minimal and require extra expense – I feel the only option is bankruptcy – but I fear this will destroy my chances of ever getting funds for a masters which I had hoped would improve my child and I chances at a future . I understand that bankruptcy means no student aid for years. There is no conceivable way I can pay these debts- any advice/re : forgiveness of debt / further education
please help we are in a desperate place.
Thank you

Posted from: British Columbia

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Jillian Taylor-Mancusi, Trustee | B.A. | C.I.R.P said...

Your situation is obviously confusing and there are insufficient and contrary details to enable a specific reply or deal with specific problems. However it does seem clear that an assignment in bankruptcy may be a good place to start. The bankruptcy will resolve the issues of the shortfall in the foreclosure process against your house and the Stay of Proceedings will allow some time to deal with the student loans issue. While student loans are not dis-chargeable in bankruptcy if the bankruptcy occurs within seven years of the time you ceased to be a student. If you go bankrupt within that seven years then a later application to have it included in your bankruptcy can be made after five years has past. It is unlikely that Canada Student Loans will extend further student loans until the outstanding student loans are dealt with. You may wish to get information from Employment Insurance or Social Services about subsidization to go back to school.

Once the pressure form unpaid debts is relived it might be easier for you to find a job. If you exercise proper budgeting and out aside a little money every month you can explore the possibility of becoming a part-time student or using correspondence courses to further your education.

You may wish to talk a trustee before you take any further steps. Your decision to file an assignment in bankruptcy may be tempered if there is a likelihood of receiving an inheritance.

Whether or not you file an assignment in bankruptcy, you should be pursuing the possibility of child support.