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Am I responsible for my spouses student loans?  My husband has student loans from before we met. He is currently unemployed due to health issues and I am the bread winner. Am I responsible for his student loans? They are saying we have to fill out a statement of income, do I have to? Posted […]

I was 7 years past the last date of being in university in April 2013, with outstanding student loans. I returned for one term to complete my degree for employment purposes and got this term paid for through a scholarship. If I was to claim bankruptcy with outstanding student loan debt, what date would be […]

My sister has accrued student loans from Ontario and BC in the amount of $50,000. She has stopped being a student for close to 10 years. She has no income (does not have a job and lives with our parnents) and no assests. The only debt she has is the student loan. I understand that […]

I finished my schooling June 2006. I have a $30,000 loan debt. I filed for bankruptcy in January of 2011 and was discharged after 9-months in October. The student loan was NOT included as a unsecured debt which means it survived bankruptcy. The BIA states that if after 7 years from when the student ceases […]

The last year I received a Student Loan was 2006. I paid my own way for one semester from January until April of 2007. Is my final date for Student loan 2006 or do they count my last semester even though I did not have a student loan then? Posted from: Nova Scotia


June 28th, 2013 by Questions

i live in Canada and have american student loans. they are very large. I don’t think I can pay them without going bankrupt what can I do? Posted from: Ontario

I read on this site that banks want at least a third repayment. Do the student loans people have a similar stance? Eg. When they are the only creditor do they want all, or just the original principle amount. Thanks Posted from: Ontario

one week before my bankruptcy i paid $15000 to my sons bank student loan ( i was cosigner for that loan) my Licensed Insolvency Trustees get the money back from bank layer ( because the loan was in dispute ie in court) is it legal to do so by trustees. Posted from: Ontario

i am just over 7 years owing for student loan debt that has gone to collections i cant pay it and im on welfare due to illness. I havnt filed taxes in 5 years and the goverment owes me money that the student loans want to take when i file. How can I prevent this […]

Can you only claim bankruptcy on Student loans,I can handle the rest of my debt on my salary? Posted from: Newfoundland and Labrador

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