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Hi. We have a credit card debt that has gotten out of control. We have been sent a notice that is a writ for sale of land. What does this mean and what can we do?  I want to pay the debt. I don’t want to lose our home. Thank you Posted from: Ontario

My Mother is currently on my mortgage/deed to my house, however, she no longer lives with me due to medical conditions. She now requires more care and will have to move into a retirement home, therefore she will not be able to pay her credit card bills and loan payment because all of her pension […]

i am just wondering I am not working and receiving money from the government for Ontario works to have a place to stay I owe my bank a remaining of 80$ from several years ago and I am just wondering if when my Ontario work check goes into my bank if they are legally able […]

I received a notice stating I owe $3500.00 on a original $1500.00 mattress purchase (unsecured) by a collection agency. I have three years of tax returns stating zero income. I also have $15,000.00 in CRA debt  and I just had back surgery that I had to borrow money to pay for. What are my options? […]

I got a call today that I owe 11,000 dollars in old credit card debt from 2009 apparently they sent a letter and was signed by my husband which I know nothing about and they want to garnish my wages ,so what should I do,should I get proof of this signed at post office letter, […]

Is there an option that stays private? I don’t want my employer to know that I am bankrupt. Posted from: British Columbia

Negotiating with Creditors: I have been unemployed for several years; am currently looking for full time work and am not able to pay unsecured debt. It is taking some time as I have a elderly mom with a chronic medical condition who I am also care taking. What are my resources for negotiating with the […]

I have been making small payments on a private university loan since 2001. The loan was originally for 5,000 and is now almost 10,000. I have missed more than six months of payments and my creditor threatening legal action. I have received a registered letter from the collection agency’s lawyer that threatens to take me […]

Hello, I am a power of attorney and have recently received information that he may be responsible for a tax debt incurred from a rrif payout from his deceased spouse. He received the funds as a payout but did not pay tax on the amount (approx 220,000) She died intestate and there was no lawyer […]

I am a 24 year old expectant mother who has been struggling with paying my non-secured debt. I have under 10000$ in non secured debt, not including my student line of credit in which is being paid back monthly. I am now on EI, due to unexpected complications with pregnancy, and making only enough to […]

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