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up to what percentage can the government take of your garnished wages? Posted from: Ontario

Will I be able to continue contributing to my TFSA while I have Creditors calling me? Posted from: Ontario

Is there a time period where debts are relieved in Canada? I know it is six years in England Posted from: British Columbia

in august 2002 i stopped making payments on all my credit cards due to financial difficulties. In march 2010, i checked my credit report and although the credit cards are mentioned in my report, the outstanding balances are zero for all accounts and the ratings are R1. if i open a chequing account with a […]

would a dept that has been on your credit for more them six years still show as outstanding dept. Posted from: Alberta

How does one know if a judgment has been made against them. Is there somewhere to check? Posted from: Alberta

When CMHC covers the bank for the shortfall amount on a foreclosed home, CMHC will become my debtor with the entire unsecured shortfall amount. Isn`t the point of insurance is to cover me? It would make more sense if CMHC comes after me for the amount of premium unpaid and not the entire shortfall unless […]

First of all thank-you, this site has really helped me. Heres my situation, I finished school in May of 1999, I currently owe 45,000 and i have decided that the best solution for me is to declear bankrupcy after my 10 years are up. Currently I\’m unemloyeed and i\’m in the process of having service […]

I know that dependents allow you to keep more during a bankruptcy. If I have my boys part time and pay support do they count as dependents? I have two boys that I take part time plus I pay child support. Why I ask if my two boys, who live with me part-time, count as […]

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