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Student loan repayment

I declared bankruptcy in June 2001 and I thought that my student loan was included as well. Recently I received a statement from Revenue Canada for payment on my student loan. As far as I understood the debt was cleared with the bankruptcy. Now six years later I have to pay my student loan and all the interest from the past six years. Since the time of my bankruptcy, I have not received anything regarding my student loan.
I would like to know why I was not informed that I still had to pay back my student loan, and who`s job was it to inform me that I still had to pay it?

One Response to “Student loan repayment”

Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

You should have been informed at the begining of your bankruptcy that student loans would survive a bankruptcy if less than 10 years had passed since the date you last attended school.

As for collection of the student loan and who is responsible for the collection efforts, that is up to the creditor.