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If bankruptcy will negatively impact my Accounting License?

Just wanted to know if bankruptcy will negatively impact my Canadian Chartered Accounting License and the Charter itself even if one resides outside Canada is unemployed for a year and cannot repay the debt at all?Thanks

One Response to “If bankruptcy will negatively impact my Accounting License?”

Doug Stuive, CA | Trustee | CIRP said...

You can obtain more details by reading through the regulations of the Canadian Chartered Accounting Association but here is the process in general. If you are a member of the Association you must disclose that you filed an assignment in bankruptcy and/ or a proposal of any kind in writing. You may also need to attach related documentation. From there the Association will review your documentation and will make a decision about the nature of your license. It may be suspended or it may end up with some restrictions. Where you live and the circumstances may or may not be a factor in their decision.