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Unemployed in Quebec

I am 64 years old and unemployed in Quebec, I have a pension of $460.00 and E.I benefits of $1,400 a month. In August my E.I will end and I cannot find work. I am managing my credit card payments at the moment as I have a flat-mate that pays half the rent, but when my EI runs out I will have an income of only my Quebec Pension. I have to repay $7,000.00. I have $20,000 in RRSP;s that cannot be touched for another 2 years. Can you help me?

Posted from: Quebec

One Response to “Unemployed in Quebec”

Jillian Taylor-Mancusi, Trustee | B.A. | C.I.R.P said...

Bankruptcy will not help your cash flow. However, bankruptcy may take care of the credit card bills and other debts you may have. Your RRSP would be exempt in a bankruptcy in any event. You may wish to talk to your local social services institution to help you make ends meet on your limited income.