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All my debts are in my name only. I can no longer work due to health reasons. If I do not get approved for disability I will have no income. I have a spouse. If I file bankruptcy will he have to detail all of his expenses? If I have no income he will be paying all my medical bills, rent, food, etc for me. Therefor I will have nothing of my own to expense. Will I have to expense report if I have no income? How am I expected to pay the fee if I have no income?



Posted from: Alberta

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Barton Goth – Goth & Company Inc. -Trustee in Bankruptcy said...


If you have no income and own no property, then you may not have to file a bankruptcy as there is nothing the creditors can do to force you to make any payments (i.e. they cannot garnish wages as there are no wages, nor can they seize property if you don’t own any). So you may not legally have to file for bankruptcy. Having said that, you may want to file for bankruptcy to put an end to the phone calls and other techniques that the collectors will continue to employ. As a result, if you choose to file a bankruptcy you would likely have to get your spouse to assist you with the cost.

In terms of the monthly statements, technically they are household statements. So yes, you should include your spouses income and expenses even though this is not his debt. Although, technically there is one section of the act that discusses what should happen if your spouse refuses to cooperate with this and it is something you should discuss directly with a local trustee.