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charging interest on account after filing bankruptcy

Can a creditor continue to charge interest on your account once they have recieved notice of your bankruptcy? I was discharged July 2011 after 21 months with surplus income. I paid back ALL my debit from the bankruptcy through my surplus income and money from an inhertiance recieved during the bankruptcy. The final dispersments where in March/April 2012. I now have a credit card company from my bankruptcy that claims i owe them approx $3000 of interest from my debit. They accepted the payment of my debit with out issue and never informed my trustee of this interest. Now this debit is showing up and affecting my credit rating as not paid. I thought creditors could no not charge interest after my notice of bankrupcty on the debit…why have they, and continue to…and what can I do to fix this.

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “charging interest on account after filing bankruptcy”

A licensed trustee said...

You need to contact your trustee to discuss this. If all of your debts were paid in full then your trustee may have applied to the Court to have your bankruptcy annulled. If that happened then your creditors have the right to charge interest from the date of your bankruptcy forward. Without a detailed knowledge of your bankruptcy I can’t be any more help – call your trustee.