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Personal bankruptcy or debt consolation

Hi .I owe a number of fines in Ontario and Quebec.speeding tickets etc.and pay day loans etc. Pay child support and rent.cannot get ahead of my have no license to drive.till I get my fines paid . And have a old crimminal record from when I was a teen that I want to get a pardon but with all my bills I owe . Cannot get one old utility bills bank over drafts that I am unable to pay.need a solution !,,,, in a very stressful place. Should I get personnel bankrupty ? And will any fines I owe be cleared looking for a solution.

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Personal bankruptcy or debt consolation”

A licensed trustee said...

Sorry, but bankruptcy law does not cover fines or support payments. If any of your other debts are directly tied to your criminal conviction (cheque kiting or fraud) they may not be covered either.

Your best plan may be to contact a trustee in your area to discuss your situation and your options.