hidden assets

Hi, I have a tenant that has file for bankruptcy after receiving my notice for small claim court for unpaid rent. I received the documents of his bankruptcy and I noticed that he has hidden some of his assets. I would like to know what should I do. Can that fraud work in my favor in getting some of my money. Can I put a lean on these assets. Thank you

Posted from: Ontario

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A licensed trustee said...

You should contact the trustee handling your tenant’s bankruptcy to discuss your concerns. The trustee will likely ask you to put your concnerns in writing and then the trustee will use your letter to confront your tenant.

You cannot put a lien on these assets so they likely aren’t of much direct benefit to you, BUT the fact that they were hidden will complicate your tenant’s bankruptcy which should mean there will be more money at the end of the day for all of their creditors, including you.

Call the trustee handling the file.