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end of study date

How to determine the end of study date for the purpose of bankruptcy? I received OSAP funding while doing my undergrad until April 2000, when I received my Bsc. A few years later I attended medical school abroad from 2003 until April 2004 but did not receive any OSAP funding during this period. I did inform the government about my studies and I was given interest free status. I want to file for bankruptcy and I thought that my OSAP loan is almost 10 years old but when I called to find out the end of study date, I was told that it was April 2004. I don`t understand this since I did not receive any OSAP funding for my studies abroad and it was not a interruption of studies situation. What to do? Can I ask a trustee to try to include my OSAP ? I am given conflicting information as to this by different people. I need your advice.

Posted from: Ontario

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A licensed trustee said...

It sounds like you’ve contacted the National Student Loan Centre already and they have given you your end of study date. That is the date the Courts will use to determine whether or not your student loans are dischargeable.

The fact that you didn’t borrow any additional funds to continue your studies (here or abroad) is not relevant. While you were a student (where ever that may have been) you were not required to make payments towards the debt. When you stopped being a student the clock started ticking…