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My family is supporting me after I lost my job which means I have no income. I have got debts and a court order from one of the creditors to garnish my wages or seize my assets. I don`t have any assets or a job and this court order is pending. If I go on welfare, could that court order be enforced on the welfare benefit or If I declare bankrupt first and then go on welfare until I find a job. Please advise. Thank you.

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Bankruptcy”

A licensed trustee said...

Welfare payments acannot be garnisheed so if you end up on assistance you don’t need to worry about the Court Order.

We often suggest to folks on welfare that they defer filing for bankruptcy until they find a job. While you are on welfare you are “creditor proof” (that means they can’t take your welfare money). If you really wantr to file for bankruptcy you can, but there is a cost and usually you’d be better off spednig the assistance money on rent and food, as opposed to legal fees.