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While I am in bankruptcy, am I obligated to stay in Canada, and one more question, can I put my past due hydro bills on this bankruptcy without them cancelling my hydro? and also If I give my car back do I have to make the last payment on it?

Posted from: New Brunswick

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A licensed trustee said...

Use teh links on this site to find a trustee in your area and give them a call – if you have these three questions I am willing to bet you have a couple of dozen more…

Quickly, you are not required to stay in Canada for the duration of your bankruptcy, BUT there are 3 or 4 times when you must appear in person at your trustee’s office. If you are out of the country you will be expected to return for these meetings.

If you include your hydro account arrears when you file for bankrutpcy then you should expect the service provided to disconnect your service. They will re-connect your service, but only after you provide a significant security deposit (the deposit will be more than your account arrears…)

If you surrender your car to the lender then you will not be required to make your remaining payments.