What happens if a creditor contacts your employer

What happens if a creditor contacts your employer? I am assuming that they know not to but what if they do anyway?

Posted from: Ontario

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A licensed trustee said...

There’s really no way to stop one of your creditors from contacting your employer (even after you’ve filed for bankruptcy or a proposal). That being said, if they have been notified about your bankruptcy then it’s very unusual for a creditor to call your employer as it serves no useful purpose.

The cases that I’ve been told about by clients involve family members (ex spouses and parents) and other individuals (as opposed to a bank or finance company doibg so) that have loaned a bankrupt money and now feel cheated. If they persist (keep calling your employer or calling you) you might have to take legal action to stop them. This is not a service your trustee can provide – we’re not lawyers (in most cases we’re accountants).