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Who s Official Receiver?

Recently, I filed bankruptcy and have a meeting with officer receiver? I don’t know about law anything Can some one explain what s that about it/Is she /he the one make a decision about file?after meeting will I go to court and defend myself?

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Who s Official Receiver?”

A licensed trustee said...

The Offical receiver is a government employee responsible for monitorring and otherwise reviewing the bankruptcy process. Think of it as a control measure – something the government does to make sure the system is working properly and people are following all of the rules.

If you are required to meet with an Offical receiver it is probably for an “Examination under Oath”. The Official Receiver may have mailed you a list of questions to respond to – at the meeting they will swear you in and then go over your responses.

I won’t fool you – these examinations are only done when there are concerns that something inappropriate may have transpired in your case. I suggest you contact your trustee to review yuor situationand discuss why this examination may have been called.