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Bankruptcy tax return.

I understand that there are two tax returns to be filed in the year of bankruptcy. My questions regard the first one that my trustee files.

1. Since I do not have the information slips (T4 , T5 etc.) for that part of the tax year I could make a mistake in computing income. Can I correct any errors post bankruptcy? Or should I contact my trustee to do so?

2. Post bankruptcy can I be audited/reassessed on this return? If it turns out that I owe extra taxes does that amount get wiped out as a debt in bankruptcy?

3. Are the capital gains/losses on the sale of a bankrupt`s assets by the trustee included in this return or the post-bankruptcy return?

4. Do I have the option of NOT claiming deductions or credits that I`am entitled to on this tax return?

5. Are accumulated capital losses wiped out by this return or are they still available to reduce my taxes post bankruptcy?

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A licensed trustee said...

Respectfully, you sound sophisticated enough that you should speak to either your tax accountant or a trustee directly. The purpose of this blog is to provide responses to general interest questions – it is not to address complex issues that don’t relate to most readers.

Use the links to find a trustee in your area and give them a call.