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I am newly separated, and my ex-husband pays most of the debts other then my vehicle and a credit card, I have fallen behind on everything, and bills are adding up.
Can I claim bankruptcy even though I am only a secondary on our debts? My debts and ex-husband are in another province, does this matter?

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Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

You can definately file for bankruptcy, but be aware that if you file for bankruptcy any party who has signed on those debts will still be fully responsible for theose debts. Therefore there may be some impact felt by your ex-husband (although if he is paying the debts now there may not be any change in things).

As well, be aware that secured creditors are not cleared by a bankruptcy. So if your car loan is secured against the vehicle the only way to keep your vehicle is to continue making payments on the loan regardless of whether there is or isn’t a bankruptcy filed.