court judgment

I left my common law husband in 2005 and the court judge gave a written decision that we will both pay half of our outstanding debts. My husband was to pay the Royal Bank line of credit or take my name off of the account as this was his half of our debt. I contacted The Royal Bank and tried myself to have my name removed and they refused to do this. I have not lived with or have had contact with my husband since 2005.

My ex-husband has now filed for bankruptcy and the Royal bank is telling me that I am responsible for his line of credit debt, which is now 10,000 dollars

I have a written judgment from the Quebec courts saying that I am not responsible for his debt;

Can the royal bank make me pay, which is against the court judgment?

Can I garnishee my husband’s wages?

Can I contact my ex-husband’s trustee and tell them about the court judgment?

If my ex-husband failed to tell the trustee about the judgment, is this a failed bankruptcy because he lied?

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Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

This is an issue you need to have reviewed by a lawyer. There is really no value contacting your ex-husbands trustee as they will play no role in this matter (they will only deal with the outstanding obligations of your ex and will have no interest or no control as to what any joint creditors may say) and realistically it will make no difference if your ex failed to tell the trustee about the judgment as it will play no role in his bankruptcy.